God is So Cool

Have you ever just sat and marveled at creation? Like I mean really took a second to think about how amazing this life really is?


You are sitting on a round ball spinning perfectly at an angle to create four different seasons, one flowing right into the next at the same time each year. Any closer to the sun, and we would burn, any further from the sun and we would freeze.

“Biologists find that the natural world is an intricate harmony of beautifully elaborated, interrelated parts. They have found, for instance, that stars could have never formed if the force of gravity was ever so stronger or weaker.”

-Unknown Source

Now think about this body you are in. From the very moment you are formed, your life is a miracle. Before you even start to grow in the womb, God has already thought out every detail of your life. He has made no two people alike.

I want you to really marvel at that for a second. He has created different eye colors, skin colors, hair types, and body types all so we may see the glory of God and praise Him. Every breath you take is being given by God, and the number of breaths you have left has already been decided.

Think of the beauty of emotions- how our body is able to express how we are feeling by laughter and tears. Could this really have been put into us by mistake?

“Birds that fly can do so because a thousand details converge: long wing and tail feathers, pneumatic bones, air sacs, breast bones and pectoral muscles, design of the ribs, neck, feet, spinal column, pelvis, automatic hooking of feather barbules, etc.”

-Lucien Cuenot (Geneticist)

I mean think about the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or the stripes on a zebra. Each living thing has been thought of by the God of the universe, and that is amazing to me.

I have linked a short three minute video by Francis Chan that I think is worth the watch. He shows us how small we really are in relation to the world, and it really helped put things in perspective for me, so check it out:

The Awe Factor of God

As you go on with the rest of your day, I encourage you to stop and think about the beauties of life that you may overlook in your day-to-day life. This creation is no mistake. The God of the universe has created you for a purpose- don’t miss out on this beautiful life.

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