Real Talk: Where Do You Find Your Identity?

Hey friends!

So this week I am excited to launch the first of many ‘real talks’. During these posts, I will share some of my own stories. This post, I will be talking about where we find our identity, so keep reading!

So this past week, I changed my major. I felt God calling me to do so, and I think I had just been overlooking His tug on my heart for way too long. So by the grace of God, I finally just did it.

Ever since fifth grade, music has been my thing. I woke up every Saturday of high school to go to rehearsal, I cared about my chair placement more than I’d like to admit, and band consumed my thoughts. My ‘purpose’ came from the value my peers and high school band director placed on me.

photo of piano keys
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During my years in band, when did I ever use my position to spread the gospel? This realization is disgusting to me.

I was using my talent to get ahead instead of spreading God’s kingdom.

When college came, I knew I had to major in music. It was more for my reputation among everyone I had known in high school (like they care what I majored in, but here I was).

Halfway through my freshman year, I decided I was going to get my Masters in mental health counseling. It was something I had been passionate about for a long time, and I felt God calling me to it. Even with that decision made, I was still getting my undergrad in music. No one I explained my degree plan to really understood, and I’m not sure I did either- I just wasn’t ready to budge.

Two weeks ago during a discipleship meeting, God really put this on my heart. I became aware of where I found my identity, and I began to wrestle with it. I became very displeased with myself, and I couldn’t believe how much value I gave my musical reputation in my life. So last Thursday I met with my advisor and changed my major to Sociology, and I felt very at peace. God is calling me to be a counselor, and though it took me a while, I will follow.

My identity is found in Christ alone. Nothing I do will change that- I just have to follow.

I encourage you to examine your own life. God has given us all spiritual gifts to grow His kingdom on earth. Are you using your gifts to grow your own legacy, or God’s? What do you need to let go of in order to tell His story? The things of this earth are fleeting, and only the kingdom of God will stand. Are you living your daily life like you believe this? Trust me, I’m talking to myself as much as I am to you. We all need to spend time considering this.

Here are some practical steps to find out where you place your identity:

  1. On a piece of paper, list the five things that consume the majority of your time, and answer it truthfully. What is number one? Where is God on that list?
  2. Talk to the important people in your life, and ask them to do this exercise for where they see your time going, the results may be eye-opening.
  3. Pray about it! If you are sincere about making a change, God will place His will on your heart.

Please take this post to heart and learn from my mistake. It took me too long to make this change. This all being said, passions are not a bad thing! I will never stop making music. The thing I’m asking you to consider is how you’re using your passions. Are you glorifying God and reaching people with the truth of Christ, or are you using it to get ahead?

Have questions or just want to talk? Head over to the ‘Contact’ page and let me know!



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