The Approach to Social Media I Bet You’ve Never Even Considered

Happy Truthful Tuesday, friends!

This past week, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the CROSS ’19 conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The conference was primarily focused on missions, and reaching the unreached people of this earth. Every word spoken was beautiful and awakening, and I will probably be mentioning my experiences there for a long, long time.

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While I was there, my internal debate with social media was heightened. I continually go back and forth between whether I should delete all my social media so I don’t focus as much time and attention on worldly things, or if I should keep it all and use it as a platform to share my faith.

So here’s what I left with: what if you used your social media as a platform for prayer? What if every picture and post you scrolled past, you prayed for that person? Imagine the change we could make. Our God is an active and listening God, and we have the chance to intercede in prayer for every single person that we interact with, and that includes social media.

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What if you used your social media as a platform to share your faith? What if instead of making yourself look good and put together all the time, you shared the gospel? Your social media is earthly, and very bluntly put, the only thing that matters is how you love God and show others that love.

Ask yourself: “Is this the best use of my time right now?”

This all being said, if social media has become an idol for you, delete it. There’s no time to waste in pursuit of God’s heart. But if you feel like me, just kind of this emptiness of scrolling for no heavenly reason, pray for every person if every post you pass. Maybe this means going on just once a day.

“Only as we walk by the Spirit in the social media sphere can we make an impact there for Christ.”

Kim Cash Tate

There’s a different answer for everyone, but I encourage you to truly pray and consider your purpose and role in using social media. For me, this looks like not using the Instagram account anymore that I created for my blog. Though my intention was to share God’s love, it turned into me trying to make my pictures look aesthetic, and putting my faith in a separate box from my personal life. It also looks like me using my accounts as a platform for prayer and praying for every post I pass.

If you have questions or would like to talk more about this and faith in general, head over to the ‘Contact’ page, and let’s talk!

Faith is a life-changing opportunity, not a convenient addition to the life you’ve already built.

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